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The Prayers of Felicia's Heart 

The mission is to advocate for all children, children from broken homes, children living with drug-addicted parents. Children from neglectful parents. Including children who have good parents but do not have the means to adequately care for them. I would like to aid in that.

   I want to create a safe haven for them; they may be hungry, need silence to do their homework, Need a hug and/or refuge; that's the center I want to create.

   I want to create a space of safety and love. I want to give children hope beyond their environment. I want them to see a future for themselves if they stay focused on their studies, And keep their eyes on the prize; I want them to believe that they can Revamp their existence, I want to help them with that.

   All children should feel loved and worthy of love. No child should ever feel alone or be alone. However, I'm not their biological parent. I want to fill the gap; I cannot do everything where there is a need, But my goal is to point them in the right direction and touch as many lives with positive reinforcement and love.

Levitating Objects
Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Modern Interior Design
Front view of cute African American sibling lying on floor and reading a storybook in a co

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(216) 532-3757

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